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  • Ginette Baum

BREAKING NEWS: The People Win One!!!

The Trump / Ryan attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act has failed!

Moments ago, Trump and the Republican House leadership ended their current attempt to repeal the ACA. This may not be the end to Republican attacks on affordable healthcare but it is an important victory. Trump indicated yesterday that he is ready to move on to other things.

So here is the sad part...The President Elect is prepared to watch the ACA "Explode"... Unfortunately, he is happily the grim reaper of The "Democrat's" ObamaCare (PPACA). I think he needs to take a Civic's class on how a Bill becomes a Law.. The Patient Protection & Affordability Care Act certainly didn't become Law with one signature or one vote... The ACA is in existence solely due to bipartisan efforts.

Let's take this cue from a poor example of POTUS leadership and NOT make this about which political party has bigger balls and prepare a bipartisan Bill that will provide reparation of the existing so all Americans can thrive and not just those with the fatter wallets.. Kinda like what President Obama did.... Just sayin.... ;-)

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