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Hawaii Benefits Plans





UHA Standard (3000 Bundle) Plan Summary

UHA Plus (600Bundle) Plan Summary

UHA Enrollment Form

Hawaii HC-5 Waiver Form






FIT FLEX is embedded in both plans with no additional monthly premium cost

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HC5-Waiver or Enrollment form


Drugs covered under UHA's medical benefit plans are listed in our medical drug formulary. A formulary is an official list of medicines that may be prescribed.

All costs provided by this prescription drug tool are only estimates and may vary when claims are finalized.

UHA will pay up to $500 a year* for chiropractor or acupuncture visits. Choose a provider from our online directory to qualify for a $10 co-payment per visit. We'll also pay 50% of the eligible charge for the first set of x-rays ordered by a participating chiropractor.

PowerPoint Presentation available to view

Detailed Plan Comparison

The following chart displays a comparison of plan provisions and benefits when seeing a participating provider1.


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